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Cynthia Guffey - Baton Rouge Louisiana
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Finishing Techniques: Volume 1  sewing books

Cynthia covers ten finishing techniques and ten hemming techniques  sewing books

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Finishing Techniques: Volume 2  sewing books

Cynthia covers in detail piping and cording techniques  sewing books

#024020 $29.95

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Cynthia’s Simple Guide to Master Tailoring: Volume 1 (Jacket)  sewing books

Learn in-depth, yet simple techniques to assure a custom, couture quality jacket.
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Cynthia’s Simple Guide to Master Tailoring: Volume 2 (Women’s Tailored Shirt)  sewing books

How does Cynthia sell a 100% cotton shirt for $265.00? Precise sewing of the details that enable you to achieve that “custom” look – this book demonstrates how to eliminate the bulk at the end of the collar band – the perfect placket – cuff – and front bands that shout “expensive!”  sewing books

#025020 $29.95

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Couture Embroidery: Volume 1  sewing books

Cynthia takes machine embroidery to new levels by creating intricate details on basic clothes – She will move you from a crafty look to couture – If you have just been embroidering lines or collars – or are considering an embroidery machine – this book will stimulate your imagination.  sewing books 

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Couture Embroidery: Volume 2  sewing books

More of Cynthia’s designs that will transform a simple dress into a couture garment.  sewing books

#026020 $29.95

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Couture Embroidery: Volume 3  sewing books

Cynthia combines heirloom embroidery with couture styling to create elegant – classic designs  sewing books

#026030 $29.95

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Couture Embroidery: Volume 4  sewing books

Cynthia has used 10 embroidery designs using Viking’s Embroidery disk 111 – each combination of designs in this book is placed on Cynthia’s dress pattern CG 1001 and CG 1002  sewing books

#026040 $29.95

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Festive Machine Embroidery  sewing books

Cynthia shares ideas that have a mere casual appeal – often combining wording and embroidery design.  sewing books

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Make your next trip a sewing extravaganza. Join Cynthia Guffey in her Baton Rouge store for detailed hands on instructions. Cynthia will custom design classes to met your specific needs. Book days and time that fit your schedule. All aspects of custom dressmaking are available. Garment fitting including pants, tailoring and multitude of finishing and sewing techniques. Simply call Cynthia, tell her what you want and book your time.


Fees will be quoted on an individual basis.


Cynthia is available for classes, seminars, and workshops for stores, groups, or organization. The following is a sample of topics:

• No Nonsense Measuring & Pattern Alteration
• Cynthia’s Customized Sewing Fast & Easy
• More of Cynthia’s Customized Sewing Fast & Easy
• Cynthia’s Tailored Woman’s Shirt
• Cynthia’s No-Nonsense Pants Fitting
• Cynthia’s No-Nonsense Pants Construction
• Cynthia’s No-Nonsense Clothing selection
• Machine Embroidery Made Easy
• An All-Day Fit
• Sewing Techniques
• Pants Fitting Clinic

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